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Tehtnica 300 kg DJSB-300

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Model Overview:
DJSB-75: In 0.01kg steps up to 5kg, then the scale works in 0.02kg steps up to 75kg.
DJSB-150: in 0.02kg steps up to 10kg, then the scale works in 0.05kg steps up to 150kg.
DJSB-300: in 0.05kg increments up to 20kg, then the scale works in 0.1kg increments up to 150kg.
The DJSB-300B even has three accuracy ranges, up to 75kg in 0.02kg steps, up to 150kg in 0.05kg steps and up to 300kg in 0.1kg steps.

Design type:The platform of the scale is identical to the proven PSB scale, 40 * 40 cm, which is cast from a piece of aluminum! No sheet metal that gives way immediately, but extremely robust thanks to the integrated honeycomb structure.

There are 4 precise strain gauge sensors with multi-range technology under the platform. With small weights, the result is determined twice as fine as in the upper area.

The display can be connected to the platform with an 1.5 meter long spiral cable using a stable screw connection on the plug.

Tare, counting function (reference numbers 1, 10, 20, 50 or 100), energy supply: the power supply unit of the scale is already included in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, 4 * 1.5V AA batteries can be used, well suited for mobile use. Setting the automatic switch-off time (deactivated, 15, 30, 45 or 60 min), the vibration filter, the linearity, the illuminance in the display and the weight unit (kg, lb).

The exact technical details of the different versions can be found in the data sheet stored as an image.

Difference DJ-SB & PSB Series
DJ-SB series is very similar to our PSB series. Acutally, it uses the same 40*40 cm aluminum casted plateframe with the same sensors, also available in the same capacity and readout sizes.
The different of this scales is the display unit. Inside of the DJ-SB Display, we use an LED instead of an LCD. This LED field with its bright lightining digits has proven to be much more shock resistant than the LCD-field that is used in PSB. For mobile operations, when there is a danger that the Display might drop or that something might fall on the Display,  this scale will be the more reliable one.
If the scale is used on a stationary place and the metal wall mount for the Display is used, the cheaper PSB is ok. Also, in bright sunlight or other very lit areas the LCD of PSB-scale is better to read and if the PSB Display light is deactivated, it also uses less energy than a lighting LED

Capacity:300 kg75 kg150 kg
Readout (d):100 g50 g20 g
energy supply:Batterie: 4 x AA 1,5V BatterieNetzteil
weighing surface:400 * 400 mm
Shipping weight:6,00 kg
Item weight:5,10 kg

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